When design make an encounter with a beam of light

SERIP LIGHTING EXHIBITION HALL: Winner in The American Architecture Prize - AAP 2017
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The passion for the Serip brand

Cui Shu, a designer born in the 80's, represents the icons of his generation: rebellion, individuation and rigor. The founder of CUN Design is passionate about the Serip brand and confesses that the irregular shapes of the Portuguese lighting brand refer him to the enchanted world of Alice in Wonderland.
The organic design of the Serip pieces goes beyond the rules and blends in perfectly with the contemporary, classic or minimalist styles. Cui Shu, openly states that he fell in love with the way the brand conveys unique feelings through the use of formats that reflect the human touch inherent in the hand-made production of Serip pieces. It was with great satisfaction that CUN design studio agreed to develop the project to build the brand showroom in Beijing.

The design thinking process

In the designer's opinion, a good design should be customized and not be a replica of something conceptualized for another space. Each space has its personality and character capable of being perceived and absorbed when entering it. So the designer must project
according to what he feels. When Cui Shu was hired by Serip to do this project, he was predisposed to create something very different with a unique character and, therefore, visited the space to feel what this one transmitted to him.
When they arrived at the site in Maquanying, Beijing, Cui Shu and his team came across a building with no specific and identifiable characteristics that, according to the designer, was not in a position to represent a brand.
Cui Shu found the personality of the place - by separating the spaces in day and night, using the beam of light to mark the areas in white and black, where the two colours oppose and unite at the same time.

The game of lights

After some combination, the boundaries of the two colours align with the beam of light, achieving a perfect state that allows Serip's pieces to show their lighting effects and enchant both during the day and at night.
The lighting behaves differently in different spaces and Cui Shu has decided to underline these differences based on this visual phenomenon. A piece of glass presents greater contrast in a dark space, allowing us to appreciate all refractions of light. However, some
pieces due to their design and dimensions gain expression in white backgrounds. A lamp can display different effects during the day and at night.
For the team of the CUN Design studio, Serip represents the romanticism worthy of a fairy tale. And now, in a single space, the pieces get the deserved highlight.

The final touch

The design of a showroom is the creation of an exhibition space that should establish the best relationship between people, parts and space. In Cui Shu's view, good commercial design should serve the business, not just be pleasing to the eye or respond to an expressed desire of the designer. Thus, only when the lamps are bought by the customer in this space, the design proves its function.
"Good design creates good space and good space creates good value."

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