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Ilda Pires
Born in Lisbon in 1959, Ilda Pires has a multifaceted career as a designer and also as a manager of the company she runs in partnership with her siblings. With a degree in Sociology, she made her professional path in the family business since 1979, covering all areas, from production to administration. She is now the Creative Director of the brand leading the design team, was also responsible for the creation of the organic style that defines the brand, starting with the iconic. With over 30 years of experience creating lighting, as Serip's chief designer, she tends to break the rules of the conventional. Passionate about design as a sculpture, she translates her influences from different cultures of the world with the main focus on nature that is reflected in the pieces she draws. Was responsible to a turning point of the brand in the 2000s, with the creation of the first Eterik collection, and later with the development of collections that are today iconic brands, such as the Aqua, Glamour, Waterfall or Bijout collections, and more recently with the creation of Folio Collection.
Its products have already received a Harper's Bazaar Interior Award for the spirit of design innovation.
David Garcia
Born in Barcelona in 1978 David belongs to the technical and project department of Serip. He has a long experience designing and producing modern lighting, which creates an interesting balance between the classic and contemporaneous creations of Serip. David has an amazing sense for compositional order and he is focused on detail. He is responsible for the integration of the newest lighting systems in the Serip lighting sculptures.
Daniela Ferreira
Born in Portugal in 1982. She graduated in Product Design from the Fine Arts University of Lisbon in 2005. Daniela´s background experience is furniture design, this new approach and fresh view gives the company an entirely new perspective. In Serip she is the main 3D designer and develops the conceptual projects, mainly the ones that evolve complex compositions. She also develops the new moulds in 3D printing, the dimensional accuracy of this process allows much faster and accurate process of prototyping.
Bruno Matos
Born in Lisbon in 1989, Bruno completed his studies in IADE where he graduated in Industrial Design. A young designer with background in communication, spaces and events, contributing new ideas and concepts. Passionate about 3D art contribute on the company's progress. Being multifaceted allows him to cooperate on the most various areas transverse to the company.