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Designed and produced in Portugal
Every piece is conceived as a lighting sculpture. It’s the result of a group work between artisans and the technical team, that demands total communication and supervision. Therefore, all the collections are totally designed and handmade at the 3000m2 Lisbon-based workshop in Portugal, making it easier to control the high quality production process.
Familiar company
Founded half century ago, in 1961. Now with more than 50 years of experience and in the third generation, the family-owned company continues the tradition of developing inspirational lighting.
Technical Proficiency
Although Serip’s production consists mainly in artisan work, there is also a demanding investment in technology, such as a 3D and technical department, a 3D printer or a Website simulator. All to achieve the best quality final product.
Project Department
The design’s main focus in Serip is the customization and the possibility to adapt each collection to different specifications provide by the client. Serip complies to embrace all different sorts of challenges, such as complex shapes, different sizes or multiple lighting systems. The creative process its extremely versatile.
Full Color Customization
The constant search for different metal finishes and unique glass colors implemented in the company a bespoke attitude and spirit. In terms of finishing’s the user can choose between 50 different glass colors and 10 different metal colorations.
High Quality Control
In spite of the handmade manufacturing, there is a meticulous quality control during all the process, entirely to achieve high standard finishes.
Handcrafted art
All of Serip items are produced by the hand of the finest artisans, whose acute knowledge of best craftmanship allows the possibility of realizing the boldest custom projects that result in a one of a kind product of uncompromising quality.